Welcome to my England Blog! / by Joshua Siniscal

This will be my home for the next 15 weeks!

This will be my home for the next 15 weeks!

You might be wondering to yourself, "England blog?" 'What?" well it's true. I am going to study abroad in England at Wroxton College with Fairleigh Dickinson University! I will be there from January 28th - May 16th of 2016. So, during that time period, I will be unavailable for any photography or video jobs. 

I'm testing out this blogging section to my website to keep things as simple as possible and have most of my content all in one place. Two weeks from today I'll be getting on a plane to London! Right now I'm trying to buy whatever things I'll need and get everything financially situated. 

While I'm there, almost every weekend we will be taking trips around England/Europe so I hope to post many pictures from those trips right here on my website/blog.  I will do my best to write about my trips, places I went, things I saw, food I ate, and things I learned.  I want to show all my friends and family in the United States what life is like living in England.

If you're into social media, then feel free to follow me on instagram @jsiniscalphoto                     I'll also try to post about my trip on Snapchat! @joshquash

Stay tuned!